10 juni 2007 Amstelkerk.

Messe G-dur deel 1     
Messe G-dur deel 2     
Messe G-dur deel 3   ;
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The Songs

Dust My Blues  [Elmor James]   (967 KB)
An old blues classic played by Frank and Alfred van Schuilenburg and Peter and Hans Luthart
(The Total Loss band) recorded in 1982 in a small rehearsal studio in Amsterdam.

Night Shadow  [Peter Luthart]   (2,175 KB)
For Strong Winds  [Peter Luthart]   (1,273 KB)
Songs by Peter Luthart played by Peter ( song & guitar ) and Hans Luthart (Blues harp). Recorded in 1984 in Amsterdam

After midnight  [Lou Reed]   (1,850 KB)
I wish  [Stevie Wonder]   (1,810 KB)
Little sister  [Unknown]   (1,375 KB)
These songs were performed by the band Just For Fun:
Irma Zoutendijk - vocals
Anita Veldman - vocals
Joop Henze - drums
Peter Luthart - vocals & guitar
Willem Plomp - keyboard
Rik de Loo - bass
Peter Nijsen- alt-sax

Recorded in Theater Pollebob in Utrecht Holland - 3rd InterPay intermezzo.

Long Train Running     (1,933 KB)
By Just For Fun from the "InterPay volume 1" CD. (1999)
From the same CD this weird track by 'Lucid Minds vs. Pens'(D.Bout/T.Busink)
This Feel So Good     (1,440 KB)


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The technique

The songs are sampled at 14400 samples a second with a program called "Cool Edit 96". This program also took care of the noise reduction and the added sound effects ( echo flanger etc). The tracks where encoded to MP3 format using the Frauhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec from Microsoft's Windows Media Services MediaTools (BETA VERSION)